Wednesday, December 22, 2010


How To Run A program At startup In Windows 7 And Vista

How can one run a program at the start of windows 7 when the user log in to windows. Well, the easiest way is to add a shortcut to the program to your Startup folder.\

How to add a shortcut of any program to Windows Startup folder:
  1. Go to the application which you want windows to load while booting.
  2. Right click the .exe (Application) file and click on copy
  3. Right click on windows ICON in the left bottom corner, and then choose EXPLORER.
  4. Double Click Programs Folder
  5. Double click Start-up Folder
  6. Right click on any empty area and click on paste shortcut.
Please remeber, if the program requires administration right, every time windows logs in, it will show UAC as this program is configued to run with elivated rights.

To avoid this problem, the best way to make a program run at the start up on windows is, to run it through a script. By creating a schedule task with your script to schedule a program to run at the next reboot. In my opinion, Windows 7 do not have any other reliable alternative to Run A program At startup.


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