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Internet Explorer Closed Unexpectedly Error Message | How To Fix

Internet Explorer Closed Unexpectedly? Actually it might not be the case, in most situation Internet Explorer is never closed "unexpectedly". Even if it is closed by correctly by clicking on the X at the top right hand corner, you will get this message. What could be the cause of the spurious message?

And after that, when Internet Explorer is opened, it always displays a dialog box with two choices that reads:

Your last browsing session closed unexpectedly
  • Restore your last session
  • Go to your home page
After clicking either choice, IE works without a hitch.

Do a quick test:
  1. After closing IE by clicking on the red X,
  2. Open up Task Manager, and select Process.
  3. From there, see if you can find IExplorer.exe from the list.
  4. If yes, then it shows that IE wasn't closed properly - Could be caused by an add on.
In this case, try opening Internet Explorer (No Add-Ons) from Start -> Accessories -> System Tools, and see if this issue persists. Hopefully, it should not. 

Then you have to find the troubled Ad-ons and to disable it from loading, or if an update is available for the ad-ons you can go for an update. Meanwhile, uninstall any unwanted toolbars. And if you have some toolbar installed, try to uninstall it and then reinstall the same with the latest version of the toolbar.

And in case if you wish to turn off the warnings "Your last browsing session closed unexpectedly", follow these steps.
  • Open gpedit.msc
  • Move to - Administrative Templates - > Windows Components -> Internet Explorer
  • Enable - Turn off Automatic Crash Recovery Prompt
This also might be useful:
  • Enable - Turn off Crash Detection


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