Friday, December 24, 2010


Keyboard Layout Changes When Running Program In Windows 7

When you are running some application in Windows 7, specifically game programs for example, chances are there that your keyboard layout changes to a foreign language that every letter key on the keyboard begins typing 123456789 in sequence.

Its possibly an eastern language keyboard layout that does this. It might also be the input language changing and not the keyboard. Also the keyboard input becomes normal if you  hold down the ctrl key or the alt key, which leads us to believe it is definitely switching between two input languages/layouts. So for example if the z key normally types z but instead is typing 12345 it will only type z if I hold down the ctrl key or the alt key.

Before going any further, Perform to troubleshoot the issue:
  • Check  whether the game or the application that cause this issue  is compatible with Windows 7 or not, you can check it on Windows 7 Compatibility Center the game which incompatible with Windows 7 will cause unrespectable issue.
  • Reinstall the Keyboard driver. Uninstall the Keyboard in Device Manager and scan for hardware changes.
  • See if the issue is solved with this, if it has not, continue reading further.
  • Go to “Region and Language”---“Keyboards and Languages”---“Change Keyboards”, remove the useless keyboard and press “OK”
  • Update BIOS to the latest version
  • Login in with Clean Boot to see if the same issue occurs.
  • Press the defined keys to change the input when running the game or application and see if it occurs next time.


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