Monday, December 13, 2010


Remove Address Bar Content From Windows Explorer

When you are going to Windows Explorer address bar, have you noticed a drop down menu that shows where you have been in the past. ? Ya.. you might have, and not many will welcome that idea. i mean, not many.. but there are few who like this way so that it will be easy for them to browse again and again the same location. 

But,  I don't want the drop down menu to show where I have been: Is there a way to delete the paths that are shown when typing in the address bar. And this applies to both Internet Explorer and Windows Explorer.

This settings can be acheived from Internet Options. Yes, not only for Internet Explorer, the settings that you make in Internet Explorer also applies to Windows Explorer.
Turning off AutoComplete by unchecking the Address bar box below in 
Internet Options -  Content - -  Settings - Uncheck The Address Bar settings in the menu.
And then clicking on OK will remove them for you. 


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