Friday, December 31, 2010


ROBOCOPY Hides Destination Directory | How To Fix

Sometimes, while using ROBOCOPY to transfer a large file from or to a USB drive and the destination Directory on both occasions will be changed to a hidden system directory, which could not be seen in Windows explorer or through command line access, even with the "Show hidden and System files" set on in the view properties window.

The command executed was:
ROBOCOPY {source drive} {destination drive\folder} /MIR
The command will echo all the actions performed during the copy and will also display a successful copy command summary at the end.
To enable windows to see the directory you have to either type the directory in the explorer address bar, or use the command prompt to change the attribute of the directory as follows "attrib -h -s d:\Films", whereupon the directory was visible in windows explorer.

Is there anyway out if this works without the need to execute the attribb -h -s command after every ROBOCOPY command

It may be due to the USB drive itself, it may be infected by viruses or malware. Regarding this, I would like to provide the following suggestions:
  1. Use ROBOCOPY to copy files to the built-in hard drive to see if the issue occurs.
  2. Manually copy the files to the external USB drive to see if they are hidden.
  3. Update the security software and perform a full scan.
  4. Format the USB drive to remove suspicious files completely and perform ROBOCOPY again.


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