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Windows 7 Not Genuine Message | How To Fix It

windows 7 not genuine: When you get a not genuine pop up and it may be counterfeit, it will be a kind of annoying...

Possible reason could be, Your Windows 7 is using an OEM SLP key. This type of key is Not sold in stores. This type of key Only comes in computer that came with Windows Preinstalled. OEM SLP keys are geared to work with an OEM Bios Flag found on the motherboard of computers from that Manufacturer. The Bios Flags are Specific to the Manufacturer and the version of Windows that it works with. When an OEM SLP keys finds the Proper OEM Bios Flag, it self-activates Windows.

Your computer might have originally came with Windows XP or any previous version of Windows, so your computer would have an OEM Bios Flag for Windows XP, not Windows 7.

If you flashed your computer's Bios with some other Firmware and then, the Bios Flag would not show as valid as the original Bios Flag for Windows 7 is not present.

There are programs out on the internet (and sometimes Sold as Genuine Windows Software) called OEM Bios Hacks. An OEM Bios Hack is a program that makes Windows think there is an OEM Bios Flag on computers where there are none (or makes Windows thinks there is a OEM Bios Flag for Windows 7 when only one for XP, is there). This Hack combined with an OEM SLP key makes Windows to self-activate.

Thereby avoiding the need to Activate using a Valid Product Key. Microsoft recently released an Update the makes Windows 7 ignore around 70+ hacks, including many OEM Bios Hacks.
Given all this, When you get a Windows 7 Not Genuine, I can only conclude that your computer, had a Windows 7 OEM Bios Hack installed. I am not accusing you of piracting Windows 7.

All I can tell you is that without an OEM Bios Hack, a computer that originally came with previous version of Windows can not run an OEM SLP version of Windows 7. The only way that could happen is if an OEM Bios hack was involved. And since your issue occured after Microsoft release an update that makes Windows ignore Activation Hacks I can only assume that your Windows 7 was working in the past because of an OEM Bios Hack and the recent Microsoft Update made the Hack no longer functional.

Your Windows 7's Non-Genuine messaging is valid. Your Windows 7 is, in fact, Non-Genuine.

You have a number of options to resolve the issue.
  • 1. You can try reinstalling the Windows 7 you bought. Then go to and click the Validate Windows button.
-If it comes up as Non-Genuine, you know that the Disk has the OEM Bios Hack and is Non-Genuine.
-If it comes up as Genuine, you know that the Disk is Genuine and the Bios Hack was somehow installed later.
  • 2. You can revert back to previous version of Window XP, if you have the downgrade rights for your windows Vista.
  • 3. You could revert back to your past copy of Vista.
  • 4. Lastly, you could buy a Genuine version of Windows 7 (from a reputable Retailer or online e-tailer
  • 5. Or check this link to know how to remove windows not genuine watermark 


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