Friday, December 10, 2010


Windows 7 Schannel Error | How To Fix And What It Mean

After installing Windows 7 Pro you may receive the following error in System Event Log:
Source: Schannel
Event ID: 36888
Level: error
Task Category: none
Have you come across the message? if you have come across such error, here is how you can solve this error...

Actually, I had serious schannel problems at the same time that other things were "off-the-rails" on a new laptop with OEM installed 64 bit Windows 7.

This Error is related to software compatibility.Even though the software installing is said to be Windows 7 compliant, the simulation of 32 bit on 64 bit required testing after observation of software performance issues.

Few software's have conflicts with other software installed in the Windows. for example, One of these was to replace ZoneAlarm, which had become a suspect, with Trend Micro. Google For It.

I would suggest testing all your installed software one by one to know if it fully works with Windows 7. For example, if you installed any of the Norton product perhaps by deactivating features and if necessary removing the product, you can see if the error occurs again.

Always try to invoke explicit administrator privileges when installing programs (run as administrator). Also consider, resolving driver clash between the ethernet and wifi adapters as well as a funky problem with the NVidia all of which were contributing to system instabilities.
I hope this helps.


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