Friday, December 31, 2010


Windows Automatically Get Resized And Disappear | Fix It

Here is a new problem started surfacing in Windows 7 that, Windows automatically get resized and disappear.

Whenever we start our Windows 7 PC, after a minutes or so, all the windows and dialogue boxes take a vertical bar shape and suddenly will disappear, and i am left on desktop!

When we use Alt+Tab to browse the windows, instead of regular rectangular shape, they will appear as a vertical bar, when we click on them or leave alt+Tab when it highlights particular window, it never opens.

We have to point to the task bar icons, when a small preview (snapshot) window appears over that icon, then we have to right click on that preview(snapshot) window, and click on maximize! Sometimes it works, especially for windows displaying folders and file, etc. For application windows like for Firefox, IDM, Gtalk, etc. it wont work either. All we have to do is restart the app. or reboot windows! And morover, this will also freeze the windows gadgets.

Even disabling Aero Snap never worked for this. AeroSnap will work only when we click on title bar and move it! But when we have not done anything like that, and even not the touch of the mouse happened here and still the windows disappeared!

However we have got a solution! It was happening due to a Backdoor.W32 program, that was trying to connect some harmful websites which were blocked by Windows or other anti-virus software. Just try to clean your system and the problem will be solved. And your windows gadgets too will start functioning normally once the backdoor.w32 being removed.


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