Thursday, December 2, 2010


Zune HD Review | Reading Ebooks On Zune HD

Is it possible for me to read ebooks in zune hd? For now, there is no ebook capability, and there likely will never be. I read in some forums to convert the whole book into jpg and then read it through zune HD. Remember, browsing a book as pictures is a total hack, but if you are up for it.
Simply You can transfer your songs from your laptop to zune HD and listen to them. You can also use Zune in any country, not just in United States. Yes, you can load any unprotected MP3, WMA and AAC/M4A audio content on the Zune HD. 

Please tell me atleast browsing a book as pictures is adjustable eventhough converting the book is a real pain. It is very unlikely to be pleasant, and possibly will be unreadable. the zune transcodes jpg's from high to lower resolution for space savings on the device, since hi-res photos shown on the small screen make little sense anyway. If you want an ebook device, it's either going to be your Laptop, or something like a Kindle.


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