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Block Foresee Results Pop Up Ads

BLOCK "Foresee Results" POP UPS:  Has any one came across the "Foresee Results" ads that appear on some websites.?  I most frequently get but this company's ad even when I have my internet pop up blocker turned ON. It is not only annoying but an unwelcome intrusion on my browsing experience. These boxes pop right into the center of the screen and the only way to get rid of it is to click on NO (that you do NOT want to take their stupid survey). First they intrude on my screen, second, they cause me to stop what I am doing, and third they cause me to have to click on something to get rid of them. If that isn't annoying, I don't know what is.

I have searched the internet for over 2 hours looking for a solution, and I found it rather ODD that there wasn't more chatter going on about this company's ads. About the only thing I could find is they use a file by the name of "foresee-trigger.js" or "foresee-dhtml-popup.js" to start these ads on your computer. Here lets see how to block their scripts from running on the computer? 

Try to install a complement for IE its the Ad Blocker. Just install the plugin and config the the blocker.
There are two way to Enable/Disable Flash Block
1. "Preferrence" --> "Ad Filter" --> "Enable Flashing Blocking"
2. Left click Internet Explorer 8 Pro Status Bar Icon --> "Enable Flashing Blocking"

or just add the links in Url Block

And the other option is, using a third party tool, This third party tool Adblock Plus might be of help. Or you can contact Adblock Plus support for a customizing in their product.

For me, Adblock Plus did work for me. After installing it I opened the preferences section and added my own rule.
Paste this rule " */foresee-trigger.js " without the quotations.

No more Forsee Results.


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