Thursday, January 13, 2011


Connecting To A Secret WiFi Hot Spots In Windows 7

It’s entirely possible for you to be standing right in the middle of a juicy, strong WiFi hot spot —and not even know it. Its name doesn’t show up in the Connect To list.

It turns out that the owner can choose whether or not the hot spot should broadcast its name. Sometimes, he might want to keep the hot spot secret—to restrict its use to employees at a coffee shop, for example, so that the common customer riffraff can’t slow it down. In these cases, you’d have to know
  • (a) that the hot spot exists, and
  • (b) what its name is.
If you do know the name of one of these secret hot spots, open the Connect To list from your system tray. You see the invisible hot spot identified here, sure enough, but only as “Other Network.” Click it, and then click Connect. Now you have to type in the network’s exact name (and password, of course, if there is one) before you can proceed.
This method is great for quick encounters with hidden hot spots. If you want the option to have your laptop hop onto the secret hot spot automatically whenever it’s nearby, the process is slightly more complex.

Click your Network icon (n); click “Open Network and Sharing Center.” Click “Set up a new connection or network”; in the next box, click “Manually connect to a wireless network.” 
Now you’re asked to type the hot spot’s name and password—and you have the option to turn on “Start this connection automatically.” Also turn on “Connect even if the network is not broadcasting,” despite the warning (which is saying that a dedicated hacker nearby could learn the hot spot’s name by using special “sniffing” software). Click Next, Next, and Close.


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