Friday, January 7, 2011


How To Extend The Life Of Battery

If a battery is charged 100% and if we still plugging the adapter with the power outlet will that have any bad effect to the battery? Well, If left for extended periods of time, yes, it will damage the battery. Some will say this isn't true. In my opinion and with a simple logic i can say that continuously charging your battery will reduce the life of your battery.

I think when the battery charged fully 100% the adapter will not be charged again. Logically the case same like charging handphone and other mobile devices. In fact, the chip in there is suppose to block the charging when the battery is full.
However, think again, the charging will never reach 100% as times goes by. And that means, your battery is going to be changed all the time.

The best way to extend the life of your battery is, do take out the battery when it is not used. That is, if your laptop is going to stay plugged in, remove the battery. But periodically (lets say 1 to 2 months), deplete it completely and then recharge. If you regret to do it, i can say it for sure that your battery will die in about a year.


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