Saturday, January 8, 2011


Leach The Internet Connection From Wireless Router

How to leach the Internet connection from PC using D-Link router:  I live in the basement suite of a house, and my PC connects just fine to the wireless internet upstairs, BUT my XBOX and PS3 don't have a strong enough range to reach. Sometimes it does, but 90% of the time it doesnt. My PC connects to the upstairs router using a D-Link Wireless USB card I got. Nothing fancy but it works.
Now, is there a way that I can use that connection, and share it so that I can plug my XBOX and PS3 into my own own D-Link router so they can leach the connection my PC is using from upstairs?

You best anwer is to use Homeplugs: For example, if your wireless speed is less than 54 meg, Home plugs can give you over 100 megs and they are a solid connection not like wireless which may drop when someone picks up a phone. You could have the router upstairs with a homeplug and a homeplug downstairs with a switch and run all three at once.


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