Friday, January 7, 2011


List Of Virus Removal Tools

As a network administrator, helpdesk tech, or other computer professional, you don't remove that many viruses. Most company networks are secure enough that viruses are not really an issue. 

The issue is when friends, family and people from work get viruses in their home computers. There are so many request for virus removal that it is easy to be desensitized. I am as guilty as anyone when someone asks for help and I tell them they should take their computer to the Geek Squad, or Nerd Herd. There are literally thousands of viruses, and unless you are a professional virus expert it is impossible to keep up with all the removals. So, listed below are some popular virus removal tools and programs.

Some viruses are so specialized that you must first discover the virus you have before you can remove it. There are many no-cost online virus checkers. Listed here are but a few to help isolated the infection:

These websites will scan and remove viruses, or isolate and inform you to what you have.
Adware and Spyware Removal
Removal Programs for Specific Infections:
Tools for Investigating Adware and Spyware Infections 
Programs to Delete Undeletable Files
TCP/IP and Winsock Repair Utilities
Free Anti-Virus Programs


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