Monday, January 17, 2011


The Secret Behind Windows Service Pack

Microsoft dribbles out a steady stream of Windows bug fixes, touchups, driver updates, and security patches. If you have Windows Update turned on, then you get them all automatically, or nearly so, as they’re released.
Microsoft also periodically gathers up all of these little touchups into a much bigger, all-in-one, free update called a Service Pack. Service Packs show up maybe once a year, or even less. Each one contains hundreds of tiny adjustments and tweaks, nearly all of them invisible to you. They’re under-the-hood changes, mostly for the sake of security and compatibility.

Copying files might be a little bit faster in some situations, a frustrating feature might be addressed, drivers might be updated, and so on. Should you install Windows 7 SP1 when, inevitably, it comes along? Probably. You gain a lot of invisible security and compatibility improvements; on balance, it’s progress.

Please note that Windows 7 SP1 is still in Beta / development. And you need to wait for the final version of Windows 7 SP1 to be launched before any activation crack to be tested. You can also download Windows 7 free. Or Windows 7 Service Pack 1 Available For Download.

Also note that, You can find a list of all hotfixes and security updates that are included in Windows 7/Windows 2008 R2 Service Pack 1 RC here:


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