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Secrets Of The Personal Folder

Why did Microsoft bury my files in a folder three levels deep?

Because Windows has been designed for computer sharing. It’s ideal for any situation where family members, students, or workers share the same PC.

Secrets Of The Personal Folder

Each person who uses the computer will turn on the machine to find his own separate desktop picture, set of files, Web bookmarks, font collection, and preference settings.  Like it or not, Windows considers you one of these people. If you’re the only one who uses this PC, fine—simply ignore the sharing features. But in its little software head, Windows still considers you an account holder, and stands ready to accommodate any others who should come along.

In any case, now you should see the importance of the Users folder in the main hard drive window. Inside are folders—the Personal folders—named for the people who use this PC. In general, nobody is allowed to touch what’s inside anybody else’s folder. If you’re the sole proprietor of the machine, of course, there’s only one Personal folder in the Users folder—named for you.

This is only the first of many examples in which Windows imposes a fairly rigid folder structure. Still, the approach has its advantages. By keeping such tight control over which files go where, Windows 7 keeps itself pure—and very, very stable. (Other operating systems known for their stability, including Mac OS X, work the same way.)

Furthermore, keeping all your stuff in a single folder makes it very easy for you to back up your work. It also makes life easier when you try to connect to your machine from elsewhere in the office (over the network) or elsewhere in the world (over the Internet).

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