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Simple Tips For Easy Troubleshooting

Tips & Techniques For Stress-Free Troubleshooting: Sooner or later, you’re going to have computer problems. That’s not a warning; it’s a guarantee.
Fortunately, how you react to those problems is up to you. While some of us remain calm, others stress out. Still others scream and panic much like students in bomb squad school about to fail their first and final exam. Needless to say, such reactions are unhealthy. That’s why we have this article to help you handle your PC problems stress-free. Here are a few troubleshooting essentials that might help not only to get you through your next computer crash, but help keep your blood pressure down, as well.

Find The Root Of The Problem.
The first thing to do when your PC misbehaves (aside from sighing, gasping, and moaning) is to locate the source of the problem. You might be able to determine this by tracing your steps. Try to remember what you were doing before the problem occurred. Take note if you’ve recently installed a new program, saved or deleted an odd-looking file, or moved your computer to a new location. Don’t disregard anything.

If you’re lucky—well, perhaps “lucky” isn’t the right word—an error message will accompany the problem. If so, write it down. This will prevent you from later forgetting what went wrong. Your notes might also come in handy if you need to call a technician. Moreover, error messages sometimes contain important clues as to whether your problem is hardware- or software- related.

Let’s say you’re trying to upload images from your scanner but keep getting an error message saying your computer is unable to connect to the scanning device. Chances are, your PC didn’t cause the problem. Nor is it probably software-related. You’d want to start troubleshooting other hardware, such as the scanner’s cable and power connections Once you’ve located the source of the problem and determined whether it’s caused by hardware or software, you can begin the troubleshooting process.

Likewise, different steps need to be followed for troubleshooting hardware and software related problems. And we will discuss those in my next two articles.


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