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Slow Down Animations Effects In Windows

Windows 7’s window animations and other eye candy are very cool. But they happen fast; Microsoft didn’t want them to get in your way. That’s a shame if you want to study the visual-FX majesty of these animations in more detail.

If you make this regedit tweak, though, you can make the window animation slow down on command—specifically, whenever you’re pressing the Shift key.

Warning: before you try to modify windows registry, learn how to backup windows registry. Also try to have a backup of your registry at this stage before you proceed. Read More On How To Backup Windows Registry.

  • Navigate to: HKEY_CURRENT_USER->Software->Microsoft->Windows->DWM.
  • Right-click the DWM folder. From the shortcut menu, choose New->DWORD (32-bit) Value. Name the new value AnimationsShiftKey.
  • Double-click this value on the right side: In the “Value data” box for the AnimationsShiftKey entry you just made, type 1. Click OK.
  • Wrap up: Quit regedit and then log out and log in. (To reverse the procedure, just delete the AnimationsShiftKey value you created, and then log out and log in.)

To see the effects in slow motion, press the Shift key just before they start to occur. For example, Shift-click a window’s Close box—and watch in amazement as it slowwwwly fades into total transparency, like a ghost returning to the world beyond.

Slow Down Animations Effects In Windows

Or summon the Flip 3D effect by pressing w+Tab. Then, once the “deck of cards” window effect appears, hold down Shift as you tap your arrow keys, or click windows, to shuffle through them.


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