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Use Of AppLocker | File Security And Encryption In Windows 7

Windows 7 is full of ways to protect yourself when you are using your computer. There are so many threats out there that it is important to be proactive and educated on possible threats to your computer and do what you can to detect and prevent them.


AppLocker as shown in Screen Shot below, it is a new application control feature available in Microsoft Windows 7 that helps eliminate unwanted and unknown applications within an organization’s network  to providing a much more productive and secure environment.

Use Of AppLocker  File Security And Encryption In Windows 7  1

AppLocker answers the need for application control with a simple and flexible application that allows administrators to specify exactly what is allowed to run
on the computer in their network environment. There are many benefits to using AppLocker in your network such as:

  • Stop unlicensed software from being installed or run in your environment.
  • Preventing vulnerable, unauthorized applications from being installed or run in your environment.
  • Prevent user from running applications which waste time.
  • Stopping users from running applications that needlessly consume network bandwidth.
  • Preventing users from running applications that possible contain viruses or malware.
  • Allow users to install and run software and updates based upon their business needs
  • Ensure compliance of corporate policies and industry regulations for PCI DSS, Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, Basel II, and state identity theft protection acts.
  • Reduce the cost of repair for users who install software which causes their PC to have issues or infects other devices in the network.

AppLocker provides a powerful solution using three rule types: allow, deny, and exception. Allow rules limit execution of applications to a "good list" of programs and applications. Deny rules take the opposite approach and disallow all programs and applications on the “bad list”. Exception rules allow you to exclude files from an allow/deny rule that would normally be included such as a rule to “allow everything in the Windows Operating System to run, except the built-in games.”

Use Of AppLocker  File Security And Encryption In Windows 7  2

AppLocker is configured in the Group Policy Editor in Local Computer Policy, Security Settings, Application Control Policies, and then AppLocker as shown in screenshot above. In the below screenshot you will see the options that you can configure for AppLocker.

Use Of AppLocker  File Security And Encryption In Windows 7 3


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