Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Using Outlook In Windows 7

Trying to download Outlook Express in Windows Vista or Windows 7? Outlook Express isn't available in Windows Vista or Windows 7—you can't download it or run it on either version of Windows. However, you can install an e‑mail program from another company or use Windows Live Mail—a free program that is part of Windows Live Essentials
Windows Live Mail works with most e‑mail accounts, and you can import your e‑mail, contacts, and calendar from Outlook Express into Windows Live Mail. Windows Live Mail puts all of your e‑mail in one place.
Windows Live Mail is one of the free Windows Live services from Microsoft. It is an email program that you install on your PC. It’s like Windows Mail in your Windows Vista, Outlook Express on Windows XP, and Mozilla’s Thunderbird.  
Windows Live Mail puts all your e‑mail in one place. Windows Live Mail might already be installed on your computer. To check if it's installed, click the Start button Picture of the Start button, type Windows Live Mail, and see if it appears in the results. If it does appear, see Importing your e‑mail, contacts, and calendar into Windows Live Mail for help setting it up. Read More: Access Your Multipe E-Mail Account From One Place

If it doesn't appear, you can download and install Windows Live Essentials to get Windows Live Mail


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