Friday, January 14, 2011


Windows 7 PC Freezes Due To Incompatable Drivers | Fix System Hanging Problem

If you are experiencing System Hanging quite frequently, the possible reason could be an incompatable driver. Make sure that you have compatible drivers for the hardware on your computer. This is also one of the main reasons which causes improper sleep/hibernate and which results in computer freezes.
If you have a hardware device that isn't working properly with your computer, you probably need an updated driver. There are three ways to update a driver:
  • Use Windows Update. You might need to set Windows Update to automatically download and install recommended updates.
  • Install software from the device manufacturer. For example, if your device came with a disc, that disc might contain software that installs a driver for the device.
  • Download and update the driver yourself. Use this method to install a driver that you download from the manufacturer's website. Do this if Windows Update can't find a driver for your device and the device didn't come with software that installs a driver. The Windows 7 Compatibility Center Website lists thousands of devices, and has direct links to driver downloads.
Update all the drivers for your computer especially the Mouse and Keyboard Adapters as well as the BIOS. Visit the manufacturer's website and download the latest drivers.

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