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Young Hackers To Be Trained As Cyber Protectors | Need For Cyber Intelligence Agency

The word hacker always stands out as a bad word for terrible people that perform unscrupulous keyboard strokes for ill gotten gain. A hacker could be someone that works for the enemy country Mob, tricking stupid people out of their financial information, or eager IT students practicing their newly learned skills on fat unprotected computers. (This shouldn’t even be a challenge as most computers and software come from those two countries anyways. They probably are logged in before we are.)
An employed hacker is an IT professional, or network engineer. An unemployed IT professional can easily switch from a white to a black hat in an unstable economy. In a poor economy many talented computer people with poor social skills are often the first to be laid-off. Because there are limited opportunities out there, they are forced to find alternate work that is ethically questionable. If you are clever and talented computer engineer, but are forced to take a pizza delivery job to make ends meat, you will find another way to use your creativity. What else can a poor disgruntled computer engineer do?

To be a hacker or not to be.
There are an estimated 1,324,655,000 billion people in China, and another 1.139,964,932 billion people in India. There are 310 million people in the U.S. If a fraction of the population of either country deployed any type of cyber attack on the computer systems in the U.S., (organized or acting independent of each other) there is not enough people collectively in the U.S. to defend their countries computer borders. 

There may even be more Chinese and Indian computer science students than the entire population of The United States? And with the internet wide open with a direct connection to your home and work computer, (not to mention your cell phones) Do any country outsource the computer security to one country to protect us from another?

Forefront of Innovation
Until few years back, United States has always been at the forefront of the world’s technologies. In recent years, though, it seems the power of knowledge has been shifted to other countries. This shift of technology superiority to other countries for the sake giving Corporate America cheaper labor force has seriously jeopardized the cyber/computer security of their nation. 
I’m not singling out the Chinese or Indian IT people as a threat to the United States, in many ways US have more a common interest with them, in terms of computers, than I do with my neighbors. But by sheer volume alone, their combined intelligences and ability is on a scale so large that United States is frightened by it.
Better Safe than Sorry
If the folks in Washington could stop trying to turn the clocks back to 1950 and start looking into the future towards 2050, they will see that USA are completely out numbered and surrounded by weapons from their own arsenal. There is a potential cyber enemy that is growing faster in numbers than any one can reproduce in population. 

In other words; there may be more hackers being trained by governments right now, and then we give birth to and train in 50 years. The Cyber Intelligence Agency, (If there were such an agency) needs to start recruiting seasoned computer engineers right now; to train, educate, and turn the  countries young hackers into our cyber protectors. Otherwise United Stated will be in 1950 again.


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