Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Bootmgr Missing Error Message | MDT 2010 Offline USB Media

A custom image was captured using imagex. This image was used in the Task sequence in MDT part of the Hydration kit.  A USB key was prepped to use as offline media. Install went smoothly. Reboot after install also went correctly.

The problem actually started after disconnecting USB and rebooting the system. The error message is, bootmgr is missing. Trying to boot from USB also didn't work anymore. Only option was to boot from CD and use diskpart to delete everything. Any ideas ? I think that the drives got different letters after reboot but don't know how to prevent this.

According to your description, this error was caused by PC cannot find the boot partition. I suggest to perform these tests you can try:

1 Unplug all unnecessary hardware, USB driver. Sometimes the issues caused by external Hard disk connecting with the PC

2 Perform a Startup Repair in WinRE

There is a link to fix “Bootmngr is missing. Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete to restart”. It works on Windows Vista but still works on Windows 7

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