Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Error While Creating New Active Directory Domain

I am creating a new domain in new forest. On every attempt, it asks me to create a password with net user command. What is it all about?


First: Check if you have admin rights. And if you logon as administrator does your administrator account have a password? Blank password will not be accepted while creating active directory. If this is the case, simply run the following from the command line
net user Administrator /passwordreq:yes

Second: Is this your first attempt to create a domain, or you retry to create from the failed attempt, whether the DC with the same name already exit and it is detained or removed from the same domain. if so first do metadata cleanup and try.

If you still have problem, please provide actual error messages rather than descriptions. My guess is that you are trying to create a new AD domain on a server with a local admin account that does not have a password. Providing more information and actual error messages would clear that up.


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