Monday, March 28, 2011


Hide Language Pack Updates In Windows 7

In Windows Vista and back, you can use "Custom" to uncheck unwanted update notifications. But, we wont find this in Windows 7. I'm referring to all the Language Packs which sit there every time I check updates. Not critical, just annoying. How to solve It?

1.) Open Windows Update.
2.) Click on the link that says "xx Optional updates are available"
3.) Right click on the first language pack and select "Hide Update" and Acknowledge any UAC warning.
4.) Lather, Rinse, Repeat until they're all hidden.

Even better.  Highlight them all, then right click the first one and click hide, it will then hides them all. We don't have to keep doing it for each one.

Rule #1:

With most Microsoft software: When in doubt - right-click... If there isn't anything that looks obviously like the control you're looking for - it may easily be hidden on a right-click menu.


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