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IE8 Not Starting In Maximized Mode

No matter what I do IE8 insists on opening with a small window which I then have to maximize. So annoying!! It started to do this about a month ago on this Lenovo notebook and my Asus desktop both running Win7 RC1. IE8 is always shut down in maximized mode. I have tried clicking alt, file, exit when in max mode. I have opened properties; run, maximized, apply, ok, but nothing I do works it just opens in the small window next time. Does not happen with Firefox or Chrome.

It is suggested to perform the following troubleshooting suggestions to check the issue. You need to check the results after performing each suggestion.

Suggestion 1: Reset Internet Explorer 8

The following steps will remove all of installed add-ons and reset IE to default settings. We need to reinstall the add-ons after resetting.

  • Click "Start", type "inetcpl.cpl" (without quotation marks) into “Search” bar and press "Enter" to open the “Internet Options” window.
  • Switch to the "Advanced" tab.
  • Click "Reset…" to reset Internet Explorer settings.
  • Check "Delete personal settings" box and click "Reset" to confirm the operation.
  • Click "Close" when the resetting process is complete.
  • Click “Restore advanced settings” button and click “OK”.
  • Close the Internet Explorer window and restart IE to check the issue.

Suggestion 2: Click Start, All Programs, right click on Internet Explorer and click “Run as administrator”.

Suggestion 3: Test the issue in Clean Boot.

What’s the result?

If the issue persists, try to re install Internet Explorer 8. If you are using Windows 7 or Windows Vista. You can also try Internet Explorer 9.


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