Thursday, March 24, 2011


Leave The Registry Alone And Don't Use Any Registry Cleaner

Leave the registry alone and don't use any registry cleaner.

I have run Windows operating systems since Windows came out, on multiple systems.  I have managed divisions of engineers running Windows.  I don't need to reinstall my operating systems - ever.

And I have never, ever run a registry cleaner.

My current main Windows 7 workstation is as quick and nimble as ever, logs 0 errors or warnings, stays up 24/7 between scheduled reboots (e.g., for Windows updates), and does the TONS of multitasking work I ask it to without fault or complaint.

What I do to keep my systems in good working order is:

  • Avoid installing things from the internet that I don't know and seek out on purpose.
  • Avoid allowing Internet Explorer to run ActiveX and active scripting except from sites I trust.
  • Avoid running email attachments.
  • Use a good antivirus / antimalware package in addition to Windows Defender.
  • Review the programs that are running or will run on boot-up / login occasionally and make sure I know what every one is and why it's there.
  • Read up on what works and what doesn't.
  • Most importantly, installed Microsoft Security Essentials.

Being a career software/hardware engineer, you might say I am not in the norm, but even for a layperson managing a Windows system in a conscientious way does not take a lot of effort, does not require much sacrifice, and absolutely NEVER requires a "registry cleaning".  It just requires you to exercise the brain a little and do what makes good sense.


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