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Master Boot Record Not Found On Windows 7 | Error

I installed windows 7 PRO from windows XP three weeks ago on a P4 system with 4 GB of ram.  My problem is every 3-4 days (I mean every), I boot up windows 7 and it says Master Boot Record not found, press CTRL-ALT-DELTE to restart.  I fix it with Bootrec command in the recovery console.  Windows 7 boot again. 

Why does Windows 7 keeps on losing the MBR every 3-4 days?  I ran windows XP for over 6 years and lost the MBR once or twice.  I install Windows 7 Professional and the MBR lost/corrupt every week.  Is this a bug with Windows 7?


The problems seems to happen when you lose power or the system does not properly shut down.  It happens other times too.  If you do not restart when Windows 7 Professional ask you to, the problem has a 80% chance of happening.

After performing a further research, I found that this issue can occur because some system booting files are corrupted after the sudden power lose or improper computer shutting down happened.

First, you can try the suggestions provided on the following website to repair MBR on Windows 7.

How to repair MBR on Windows 7

After that, if the issue persists, I strongly suggest performing a Startup repair to check the issue since the Startup Repair Tool can automatically repair the following problems:

Missing/corrupt/incompatible drivers

Missing/corrupt system files

Missing/corrupt boot configuration settings

Corrupt registry settings

Corrupt disk metadata (master boot record, partition table, or boot sector)

Problem update installation

Startup repair in Windows Recovery Environment

1. Please insert the Windows 7 DVD and reboot the computer.

Please ensure that the DVD-ROM is the first booting device. If you are unsure how to change this BIOS setting, please contact the computer manufacturer for more information.

2. When we are prompted to press a key to boot from the DVD, please press Enter or the space bar to launch Windows Recovery Environment.

3. Click "Next" and click "Repair your computer".

4. Click “Startup Repair” to perform Windows Startup Repair.

Please check if the issue persists.

In addition, since your BIOS is old, it is also recommended updating your motherboard to check the issue.


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