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Printer Cannot Connect Operation Failed 0x0000007e

Have 24 new computers. Exact same build, Windows 7 Enterprise. About half are having this problem when installing printers. "Windows cannot connect to the printer." Details: "Operation failed with error 0x0000007e". I do not want to have half the computers with local port definitions and half with whatever is automatically assigned.

Tried using script "rundll32 printui.dll,PrintUIEntry /in /q /n \\myserver\myprinter" but for half it works. Others it does not. Some printers install, others consistently don't.

Those that don't are HP CLJ 2550n, HP CLJ 2840n. Had problem with HP LJ 4250 but printer firmware update fixed that. Did nto fix on others. Again, half of the new PCs with same config will connect and work just fine.  Ideas?


I would like to know if adding the printer as local printer works.

Install the printer locally, on lpt2

Then at command prompt enter this redirect command

net use LPT2 \\computername\sharedprintername /persistent:yes

In addition, according to microsoft database, if the driver has color profiles, the add printer wizard will fail. It is a known bug and windows developers do recognize this issue and are working on it. If there any solution is available, it will be delivered via Windows Update.


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