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Problem Opening SWF Files In Internet Explorer 8

IE8 > Tools > Manage Add-ons shows the Shockwave Flash Object.  The Adobe Flash Player is not listed.  Never is listed.

The latest versions of Adobe Flash Player and SWF Player are installed -- both have been uninstalled/reinstalled several times.   Flash Player was uninstalled with Adobe uninstaller.

I have reset the IE8 settings. A new user account was created and the issue was tested in a clean boot. It still does not work. Not to slam IE but Firefox opens the swf files flawlessly.

Now when I saw any link on any other site, the provided  I could click on that link and IE8 would open it.  However, if the url was typed into the browser or copy & pasted,  IE 8 would not open it.

What happens: Type URL into the browser > click enter and/or click on url window arrow > File Download security pop-up window appears > click open > browser window status bar shows download icon in bottom left > nothing.

I dont think there is any particular solution for the problem stated here. We can try the solutions one after the other to know what really helps us.

Go to and install everything fresh. Also I suggest resetting IE to check the result. Remember, Adobe support is basically non-existant.  I spent several hours circling around and around trying to find where one should/could seek support help, as the flash player and or shockwave player are not purchased software.  Concerns were posted in a couple places.  Nothing.   It should be noted though that a Flash Player update was issued a day or two after my posts but the problem still exists.

Click Start -> All programs -> right click Internet Explorer -> Run as administrator

Also, you can ask Adobe support for help

Note: Since the website is not hosted by bench3, the link may change without notice. bench3 does not guarantee the accuracy of this information.

What's really strange is that IE 8 will play a swf from a document link but if I enter the URL of a swf into the IE 8 address bar, it will not.

  • Enter the url in address bar; click the go arrow OR hit the enter key, the status bar shows the url, a pop-up asks "Do you want to open or save this file"; choose open, popup closes, then nothing happens.  Status bar shows done.  With the url still in the address bar, if the enter key is clicked again, (not refresh) the swf will eventually play.


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