Thursday, March 24, 2011


Repair Windows 7 Backup

After installing and removing Acronis on a Windows 7 computer, Windows 7's Backup and Restore program is not working. Is there a way to repair only this part of Windows 7? Everything else in Windows 7 seems to be ok.

If you cannot start Windows Backup and Restore in Windows 7? If so, please perform the following steps to check the result:

First, please check if Volume Shadow Copy and Windows Backup services are running and set to automatic in Services Console.

1. Click on Start, type Services in Start Search. When the Services page is open, scroll the page to find Volume Shadow Copy and Backup service.

2. Right click on them and check if they are started.

3. If the services are disabled, start the services and set it to Automatic, then check if the issue disappear.

Second, please run sfc command to check if it can fix this issue:

How to use the System File Checker tool to troubleshoot missing or corrupted system files on Windows Vista or on Windows 7

If the issue persists, I also would like to suggest you perform an In-Place upgrade to repair the system:

How to Perform an In-Place Upgrade on Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 & Windows Server 2008 R2


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