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Restore Your Windows 7 To Factory Settings | How To Setup

I have to be honest, this isn't something I thought about until I realized that I didn't have a restore points.  I think it was deleted by my defrag program.  A shocker to me once I started researching how the defrag program uses VSS.  That was just one example, there are others that may not be the user's fault.  Were we could all benefit from a default factory restore function (including both the registry, files, etc) that would restore the OS to factory defaults without having to do a upgrade reinstall, repair. 

Microsoft understands what their customers might have gone through when unfortunately encountering issues of no restore points. They should do more education previously to avoid such inconvenience. Actually, Backup and restore center is intended to prevent such system crash.

Windows 7 has a Imaging feature built into "Backup and Restore". Once you have your machine loaded up with OS patches/ SPs/ Apps/ Drivers use "Backup and Restore" from Admin Tools to create a 'System Image'. This will create a backup Image that allows you to restore a system in about 45minutes rather than a bare metal install that takes hours.

Some OEM version Windows contains “the one key to Factory Restore” function.

Regarding to the repair\In-place upgrade, it is kind of like the Factory Restore function for Windows retail version. Please understand by performing In-Place Upgrade, your personal data and installed programs usually will not be removed but we may need to run Windows Update to install all the available updates for your system to update these system files to the current version.

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