Thursday, March 24, 2011


Windows 7 Task Manager Has Lost Its Header Tabs

Somehow the task manager has lost the header tabs to move from applications to processes to network. It was there originally.

I also lose from time to time my volume control icon, and it doesn't become hidden, it just disappears completely. To change the volume I have to either go into the control panel/sound and then adjust the volume and leave that open if I need to turn it down. OR reboot and it sometimes comes back.

When I go to 'notification Icons" in control panel the icon and lettering for sound icon is not bold or high lighted but instead it is diminished. I have also seen a popup stating that modification will take affect when it (the sound) is activated as a pop up, but can't remember where I saw that happen.


Double click on the edge of Task Manager.

---- Norton AntiVirus 2009

Windows 7 Task Manager Has Lost Its Header Tabs

In addition to the above mentioned solution, you can open the Notification Area Icons control panel item and you can try clicking the "Restore default icon behavior" link near the bottom of the window and see if that fixes the MIA volume control.


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