Thursday, March 31, 2011

Nazrin Jahan

Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 Installation Fails With Error Code c0000034

I've seen several entries regarding sp1 instalation errors, but none with this one: falat error c0000034 applying update operation

Machine is x64 (intel core i7), with 8gb mem

tried installing sp1 via windows update. there were three patches to install, one of them, sp1

did the two first, before, and then tried sp1.

It failed while rebooting (not remember the code, sorry), but i was able to do a system restore to pre-sp1.

them, got the full SP1 media from msdn, and did install it in offilne mode. Setup looked faster (of course?) and in reboot, this fatal error c0000034 appeared. But this time, no option for system restore.

if i try to enter in safe mode, i get stuck on driver loading (last loaded is classpnp.sys)

if i try to run, as seen in other threads, the sfc tool, i get a "there is a system repair pending which requires a boot to complete..." Of course, reboot just gets me to the 34 error.

As i cannot get to Windows, no In Place setup is available...

So, i read about DISM could be used as a before-last resourt... How? I'm not sure what this error is, so i'm a bit lost about getting something out of DISM to correct it.


Your machine is most likely now in what's known as a torn state (meaning no future updates will install properly).  Had you done the script in the KB article, the service pack would have installed properly and you wouldn't be in that state.  Read more about it here:

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