Friday, April 8, 2011


Change Priority Of Running Processes In Windows 7

Ever since Vista I have not been able to set my priority or Affinity to running jobs / processes.  I play games mostly on my PC but it is getting old, and so I wanted to increase the priority of my game (civilization 4) to high or real-time (it is currently defaulting to below normal).  Unfortunately every time I go into task manager and try to set either priority or affinity, no matter what I select, it says "operation could not be completed Access denied" then goes back to normal. How do I change this?

Normally changing priority for any process is only per session - when you kill process and restart it again priority will be restored to original. If you want to save  priority on constant you have to use any special software to do that.

Process priority will not be permanent without a 3rd party application adjusting . Access Denied error occurs while attempting to change the priority with the task manager with normal procedure. Third party software does address this issue.

For Example:
Special plugin for task manager

(both above programs are free)

I know also Ashampoo Core Tuner: >

but this program is commercial.

You can also refer to the following support article to permanently set process priority in Windows Task Manager: How to Permanently Set Process Priority in Windows Task Manager?


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