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Concepts And Terms Relating To Windows And Your Computer | 0-9 | A

Important concepts and terms relating to Windows and to your computer.

10/100 Ethernet: Ethernet cards, hubs, and switches that support either 10Mbps (10BaseT Ethernet) or 100Mbps (Fast Ethernet) wired network standards.

10/100/1000 Ethernet: Ethernet cards, hubs, and switches that support 10Mbps (10BaseT Ethernet), 100Mbps (Fast Ethernet), and 1000Mbps (Gigabit Ethernet) wired network standards.

Accelerator: A feature of Internet Explorer 8 that enables you to highlight text in a web
document and map, search, or perform other activities using that text without opening up a separate browser window.

Access Point: Device on a Wi-Fi network that provides a connection between computers on the network. Can be combined with a router and a switch.

ACPI Advanced Confi guration and Power Interface. It controls how peripherals, BIOS, and computers manage power and is supported by Windows 7.

Active Partition: Hard disk partition that can be used to boot the computer; only primary
partitions can be active.

ActiveX: Microsoft technology for interactive web pages; used with Internet Explorer. administrator Windows term for the manager of a given computer or network; only users in the administrator’s group can perform some management tasks. Other users must provide an administrator’s name and password for tasks marked with the Windows security shield icon.

Aero Peek: Windows 7 feature that hides / reveals the contents of all desktop windows while leaving outlines on-screen when the contents are hidden. Requires Windows Aero
graphics support.

Aero Snap: Windows 7 feature that enables user to move the active window to the left, right, and top of the desktop, maximize it, or minimize it by using keyboard shortcuts. Requires Windows Aero graphics support.

APIPA: Automatic Private Internet Protocol (IP) Addressing. IP addresses in the 169.254.x.x range are automatically assigned if the computer cannot receive an IP address from a router or gateway device.

Application Program: Program used to create, modify, and store information you create.
Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop, and Corel-DRAW are all application programs.

Archive Attribute: Indicates file has not yet been backed up; automatically set when a file is created or modified.

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