Friday, April 8, 2011


Do We Need To Activate Windows Again After Hardware Changes

The question is simple, Do we need to re-activate windows 7 each time we do any hardware upgrade or changes? For example, I had a windows 7 PC running for more than a year and recently I put a new motherboard in my computer.. It is the same board except for the bios version.

It came up and told me I had 3 days to activate. I went ahead and activated it again and now it has been running for 12 hours with no problems.

I am just wondering if it will hold?

Only Microsoft can give you the best answer for this question, and see the following FAQ (Do I need to activate Windows after making a hardware change?): Hope this helps.

Personally, I believe it will be ok. Look in control panel under system and go to bottom of page and see what it says under windows activation. If it doesn't give a time limit you should be fine.


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