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Fix Error 0x8007045D Windows Cannot Install Required Files

Everything works well in the installation (When trying to install Windows 7 on an Brand New PC) until during the unpacking process I get this pop up error message:

"Windows cannot install required files.  Make sure all files required for installation are available and restart in the installation. Error code: 0x8007045D"

You are receiving this error because Setup is unable to validate the Windows image file; it believes it to be corrupt.  There are a number of things that can cause this but most often it's due to "bad media".  Assuming that this ISO you downloaded has a valid CRC check, you should try to :

  • Reburn media at a very slow rate (I recommend 1x even on good burners)
  • use the best media that you can find
  • avoid ISO mounting utilities that mount the image as a removable drive (while convenient, many of the drivers are prone to CRC errors)

Make sure your installation disk is still in the drive till your installation in completely over.

Start the install by booting from my DVD drive, and leave the install CD in the drive even after file copy was complete and the system had rebooted. 

The only other problem I encountered was that the drive with my original Vista partition on it was not visible from within my Windows 7 install.  This was quickly remedied by entering disk management from within Windows 7 and assigning the drive a new letter.

Meanwhile, Error "0x8007045D" is about I/O Device Errors. It's possible that the physical device (DVD) is causing the error.  We have seen this failure in the past although a bad burn is more common.

It's entirely believable that your MD5 hash checks out for the ISO.  In fact, it's possible that even once the burn has been completed, the DVD hash is valid as well until you use that DVD in another physical device or machine.  Even then, it's pretty common to get CRC/HASH errors.

Retail media (the kind you buy at the store) does not have this issue because it's stamped instead of burned.

I would still recommend the slow burning rates and good media.  Combine that with a couple other tricks (you may even consider trying an ISO mounting utility if your physical DVD drive is failing).


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nel 99% dei casi quell'errore corrisponde all' hard disk interno.