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How To Enable Games In Windows 7

Error using Windows Features to Enable Games in Windows 7. After installing Windows 7 Professional, i did not find any games installed. Later I noticed that the Games Explorer was there, but the game icons were empty. I went to Programs and Features and attempted to turn all the games on and repeatedly got the error "an error has occurred. not all of the features were successfully changed".

Try under Clean Boot to enable the feature. Follow these steps:

1. Click Start, input msconfig in the search box, press Enter.

2. Under Selective Startup, only check "load system services"

3. Click Services Tab, check "Hide all Microsoft services", then click disable all

4. Restart the computer. Open the Windows Feature, re-enable the Games.

If it works, repeat the first step, enable all the other services again.

In Windows 7, Microsoft has brought forward successful games from Vista and revived several multi-player games from Windows XP.

How To Enable Games In Windows 7

The list of games for Windows 7 includes:

All three of the multi-player games are included in the Home Premium, Professional, and Ultimate editions of Windows 7. Also provided in the Game Explorer is a link to more games from Microsoft. 


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