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Import Images from a Digital Camera To Windows 7

You can import photos from a digital camera and save them on your computer. If your camera stores the photos on a memory card, you can also use a memory card reader attached to your computer to upload the digital photos from the removable drive that Windows 7 sets up. Once you have the digital photos on your system, you can view, make repairs to, or print the images.

Import Images from a Digital Camera

1 Plug in your camera or memory storage card reader. The AutoPlay dialog box appears.
2 Click Import Pictures and Videos using Windows. The Import Pictures and Videos dialog box appears.

3 Type a word or phrase that describes the photos.
4 Click Import.

Windows 7 begins importing the digital photos.

5 To have Windows 7 erase the photos from the camera or card, click Erase after importing.


The Imported Pictures and Videos window appears and displays the recently imported photos.
6 When you have finished looking at your photos, click the Close button to close the window.

How do I view the imported photos?
If you have closed the Imported Pictures and Videos window, note that Windows 7 stores the imported digital photos in the Pictures library. It creates a new subfolder, the name of which is the current date followed by whatever word or phrase you type in the Importing Pictures and Videos dialog box.

Import Images from a Digital Camera To Windows 7

For example, if the current date is April 12, 2011 and you typed bench3 Vacation in the text box, the new subfolder will be named 2011-04-12 bench3 Vacation. Open the subfolder to see your imported digital photos.


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