Monday, April 25, 2011


MSG.EXE Instead Of NetSend in Windows 7 | Messenger Service

If you have used netsend command in windows XP for passing messages between PCs. You will find those commands are no longer a valid commands in Windows vista and windows 7. The reasons for that is, windows 7 does not support Messenger services that worked with windows XP. And if you have a mix environment of Windows XP Pro SP2 & SP3 and started to rollout Windows 7 Enterprise, passing messages between PCs will be difficult.

This article is concerning the net send command to send broadcast messages to the entire enterprise.  I'd like to know if there is an alternate solution instead of using net send?

The netsend functionality is removed since Windows Vista. Since you're running Windows 7 Enterprise, you can use the MSG.EXE instead of netsend in Windows 7.

For how to use the MSG.EXE, open the cmd, input the command msg /? , then a detailed information will be showed.

In addition, some third-party software could also help you achieve that.


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