Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Pin To Start Menu And Task Bar For Default User

There are many possibilities to pin items to the start menu and task bar for the default user in windows 7 so that when a new user logs on, they have what’s been customized. 

The setting the Copy Profile to true doesn't seem to catch these customizations. I've been able to use the CopyProfile command to keep items that I've pinned to the Start Menu, but not the things that I've pinned to the Taskbar.

However, you can define up to five things that you want everyone to have pinned to their Taskbar using the unattend.xml files...that's one way of getting things there, unfortunately, that does not get rid of the "default" MS items that are already there (IE, MediaPlayer, etc).

Here's a way to do it using a script though:


You could in theory also configure these things using Group Policy Preferences.  There are two components to the Taskbar items, one is a registry key and the other is a file system shortcut.  The registry keys define what is there and in what order the items appear on the taskbar.  If you use GPP you could set both of those things up for all new profiles.

However, I'm leaning towards using the script and something like Active Setup which will allow you to run a one-time command for every new user that logs in to a box.  That way I can remove the things I don't want and add in the ones that I do...

Surely Microsoft should be able to come up with a better way of customizing the taskbar and start menu for users.


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