Saturday, April 30, 2011


Get Rid Of The Prompt For XPM User Password

Windows 7 has several built-in tools to help with program compatibility and Windows XP programs should be installed directly on Windows 7. Windows XP Mode runs many older Windows XP productivity programs and that are not natively compatible with Windows 7, thus helping realize cost savings and reduce possible operational downtime by extending the life of existing software.

If we installed some applications on Windows XP Virtual Machine and we are getting a prompt for an Windows XP Mode User password. How do we get rid of this or is there a standard password that we can input here? 


If we are sure that our password is blank, try this.
  • Turn off/shutdown the vm.
  • Open its settings, in Integration Features section, uncheck the checkbox that says automatically enable at start up(similar to that). click ok
  • Now boot the vm. At the login prompt, enter user name as (the xpm user as displayed in the setup wizard), and hit enter (password blank), this should log you in.
  • Now, open command prompt, and execute "net user (username) (password)", if successfully, your new xpm user password is reset to  (password), if you wish to change the whole profile, you can just add a new user account and make it a member of Administrators group.
  • Now, open settings, go to "Credentials" page, and delete credentials. Also, now go to integration features page, and enable "integration features at startup" checkbox.
  • Shutdown vm. (if you like it quick, just kill "vm window.exe" process in task manager
  • Start the vm again, it should prompt for credentials, and we can enter the newly set credentials, and do remember to check the "Remember Credentials";


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