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Quickly Change Permissions Of Multiple Files

Recently i re-installed windows 7 on my computer, and have been having a very hard time resetting permissions on all of my music, videos, and pictures.  The media isn't on the boot drive, it's on a separate drive, so during the whole reinstallation process i left it alone.  When windows was working again, i used the security screen to take ownership of the drive and everything in it, however I've run into a bit of a snag. 

I have full control over the folders in the media drive, but none of the files have taken to the new permissions.  Each file says I tried going lower into my file hierarchy, and setting permissions on just the folders that my music is located in, and still no luck.

I can take ownership of individual files, and then i can edit them again, but there's just too many of them to do that individually.  Each file security window that there are two accounts that have permissions.  One called "account unknown.......1000", which i assume is my old account, because it has full permissions, and one called "account unknown.......1001" which i assume is my new account because it has no permissions. When i take ownership of the files, it just has "computername/username" as the owner of the file.  Is there something i can do to quickly change the permissions of each file?

You can use use Icacls.exe to modify access control lists for multiple files or folder and TakeOwn.exe to take ownership.



Say your content is within this folder:

C:\Users\bench3\NewFolder\Albums\The Beatles\

You should be able to right-click NewFolder, then use the permissions options to change the settings.  As long as you choose to "replace permissions on child objects", it should trickle down to all the files and folders below.


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