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Repair a Digital Image Using Windows Live Photo Gallery

You can use Windows Live Photo Gallery to improve the look of digital photos and other images. Windows Live Photo Gallery includes a special Fix window that offers a number of tools for repairing various image attributes.

The Fix window enables you to adjust an image’s brightness, contrast, color temperature, tint, and saturation. You can also crop and rotate an image and fix red eye.

Repair a Digital Image

1 Click Start.

2 Click All Programs.

Note: When you click All Programs, the command name changes to Back.

3 Click Windows Live.

4 Click Windows Live Photo Gallery. Windows Live Photo Gallery appears.

Repair a Digital Image In Windows 7 1

5 Click the image you want to repair.

6 Click Fix to open the Fix window.

7 To change the exposure, click Adjust exposure and then click and drag the Brightness and Contrast sliders.

8 To change the color, click Adjust color and then click and drag the Color temperature, Tint, and Saturation sliders.

Repair a Digital Image In Windows 7 2

If you are not sure how to use these tools, click Auto adjust to have Photo Gallery make the adjustments for you.

9 To remove red eye from a photo, click Fix red eye.

Repair a Digital Image In Windows 7 3

10 To crop the picture, first click Crop photo.

11 Click the Proportion and choose a dimension.

Note: Click Original to keep the same relative height and width; click Custom to crop to any height and width.

12 Click and drag the handles to set the new size.

13 Click Apply.

Repair a Digital Image In Windows 7 4

14 When you are done, click Back to gallery. Windows Live Photo Gallery applies the repairs.

Rotating Images

When you take a vertical shot with your digital camera, your photo appears sideways when you download the image to your computer. You may also have scanned the image vertically instead of horizontally. In the Fix window, click to rotate the image counterclockwise; click to rotate the image clockwise.

Can I get the original image back after modification?

Yes, you can. Windows Live Photo Gallery always keeps a backup copy of the original image, just in case. To undo all your changes and get the original image back, click the image and then click Fix. In the Fix window, click Revert and then click Revert to Original (or press Ctrl + R )


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