Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Storing More Than One BitLocker Recovery Keys In Single USB

Scenario: I have enabled BitLocker on both my internal HDDs, all seems to be well. I was wondering if I could consolidate all the recovery keys on to a single USB drive. From what I can see the file names are all different, but would the OS pickup the correct files if I need run recovery?

Solution: The USB stick will become a single point of failure in this scenario. Windows is made to pickup the correct files even when you have more than one recovery key. However, Perhaps storing the BitLocker and TPM recovery information in Active Directory is a better choice?

If you are using a stand-alone machine and if you are not concerned about TPM nor when you are not having access to an Active Directory.

If you were considering storing the recovery keys on a single USB stick. Windows will get to the correct files in a recovery situation if the recovery keys for multiple disks were stored together on the same USB stick.


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