Friday, April 29, 2011


Windows 7 Thrashes Hard Disk When Waking From Sleep

We noticed that on Sony VAIO Z notebook that when we resume for sleep, the system is unresponsive for about 30 seconds and during that period, the Hard Drive LED is constantly on. When the HS LED goes off, the system become usable. We have tried restarting or making sure no programs are launched when putting the computer to sleep but it doesn't help. 

Strangely, this doesn't happen when 7 is first installed. Happens after a couple of days. Even reformatted and same thing.

  • We probably talk for hibernate, but not for sleep.
  • Hibernate require all RAM content to be saved on HDD before system to goes to be powered off, and to be back loaded from HDD on wake up.
  • As many RAM you have as long it takes to save and load RAM content
  • When system use hibernate it is completely off, if sleep is used, system still drain power to supply RAM
  • It is possible and some problem with HDD to cause this behavior, so if you are sure you use sleep, but not hibernate, check hdd SMART status and HDD surface for bad sectors
 Most likely is that our power options (BTW, does this occur on battery only, on AC only, or both) are set to put the system into Hibernation after XX minutes (this is, BTW, A Good Thing, as it conserves power on battery, by dropping the system from S3 (standby, RAM powered) to S4 (hibernation, RAM not powered.)


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