Thursday, April 28, 2011


Fix Windows 7 Sidebar Problem

One of the last set of patches for Windows 7 seems to have done something with the sidebar gadgets that we are unable to resolve.  When we add a gadget from the gadget window, the drag icon representing the gadget won't go away when we drop it on the screen.We drag whatever gadget to a place on the screen to drop it.  

It leaves the drag icon on top of all other windows and the real gadget appears in the upper right hand corner like the old dock bar in vista used to do.  It leaves the icon of the last gadget I drag onto the desktop.  

The only way currently to get rid of this "always on top" icon/window is to close all the gadgets and the gadget pallet window or kill the process itself.  Spy++ shows that the drag icon is a basic window tied to the sidebar.exe process so it appears, for whatever reason, the app is not sending a wm_destroy or wm_close message to the window on the mouse-up event.  Also, the application is not honoring the drag location for the real gadget. 
  1. If we just installed the patches recently, we can try system restore to restore our machine before this issue occurred.

  2. If we have other account, we can test in another account as a test.

  3. In addition, we can try the following steps to reset the Sidebar.
The following steps will remove all downloaded gadgets.
Show Hidden File
  • Click Start and click Control Panel.
  • Choose Folder Options.
  • Click View tab, choose Show hidden files and folders and uncheck Hide Protected Operating System Files and Folders box.
  • click Apply and click OK.
    Delete Sidebar file
  • Click Start –> Computer
  • Go to C:\Users\<user name>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Sidebar (where <user name> is your current user account name).
  • Open Settings.ini, press CTRL+A (select all) and press delete. The file is now empty. Save the file.
  • Browse into the Gadgets directory.
  • Select CTRL+A (select all) and delete them.


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