Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Windows 7 Installation Wont Format Hard Disk Automatically

I have two Hard Disks, one with other windows OS and the other HD has no OS but does have have some data on it which I want to keep and don't want to transfer to the Other Operating System HD.

I want to install Windows 7 to the non-OS data HD but keep the data already on it. Does the Windows 7 installation setup allow me to do this.


Yes, Windows 7 Will Never format the Hard Disk unless you ask to. Just select your hard disk that you want to install Windows 7 on, and you'll be fine. Windows 7 will not format your hard disk without you issuing the command.

However please ensure that you have at least of 16GB of free hard disk space available.

bench3 recommends to make a backup before starting installation. Having a backup in a safe location will always make you feel good as you can be sure your data is safe even in case of error. or system crash during installation of any drivers.


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