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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Samsung Galaxy Pro

It presents connectivity features including Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g and Bluetooth or networking integration such as Facebook and Twitter thanks to the Social Hub Premium service pre-loaded.

And we don’t forget about the 3-megapixel camera with autofocus or the Instant Messenger/Push E-mail/MMS.

A-GPS, Google Maps with Latitude, Places or Navigation, Adobe Flash 10.1 are also included. And among those main features we can mention the 2 GB Memory Card included, expandable up to 32GB or the great battery life offering of up to 11 hours of talk time (25.8 days standby).

Samsung Galaxy Pro is now available for you.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Samsung Galaxy Pro

  • This phone has 279 MB RAM And its sufficient to carry any kind of operation.
  • Its internal memory is 181 MB
  • This phone does not support adobe flash player, but not to worry you can Stream YouTube videos by built-in YouTube application. You can view videos in the browser but not in the same way as u would in the Samsung galaxy S.

YouTube and daily motion works perfectly. But metacafe doesnt work in the browser. The ads on the browsers can be clickable. I saw some flash games loading up on miniclip but couldn't play them. Maybe it was too much for the processor. Or its not flash what ever.

  • Its Processer is of 800 MHZ and it works very fast.
  • Its camera quality is good and its video recording quality is also good.
  • It doesn't support WMV Format. I installed wmv player but the sound quality is too bad in the phone as it is compared with other model phones.
  • Also I tried tango free video/audio calls, but sound quality is very bad (not understood at all). Though the reason can also be with the network signal, it cant be considered a valid point.
  • Screen Resolution is acceptable for the price range. If picture quality of the screen matters to you then this phone is a let down. the QVGA display is the only deal breaker on this model, otherwise it's a good phone for the price.

and my advice to all smart phone users is, don't install any application that run in the background such as antivirus or ram booster or system manager or application manager this all application consume lot of ram and make your mobile slower and most importantly they also consume power that means your battery will loose its power much faster than expected. I have downloaded from Market which run in background are for tracking via GPS. And its working fine.

Best Recommended: Android phone for browsing i suggest download ucbrowser it takes only 2.75 mb and works very very good and for flash support use dolphinhd browse it uses only 1.75 mb and never go for opera it uses 11mb of memory and dosent ferform as well as uc browser. ucbrowser is the best.

And for playing media files, it is best to have rocket player. As it plays all video files, I guess no other player is required.

It is disappointing to find low internal memory, It is worth for the money but not that great when comes to the Internal Memory.

I have tested it with Facebook, winamp, abduction, aces jewel hunt, angrybirds season,yahoo messenger, Hotmail, crick info, Photoshop express, task killer, angrybirds rio, ezpdf, glow hockey, go chat, labyrinth,mini squad,mouse trap,my pocket plane, nesoid, ninja jump, opera mini, paper toss, roller, sketch book, skies of glory, sky force, Skype, squibble, antutu bench mark, gangster, talking tom. And every thing worked well.

When comes to the battery, its battery life is the same as LG Optimus. But i feel like the Optimus used to drain a little too quickly with heavy use. When the phone is used in a moderate and light way, both of them are similar. But with heavy usage Samsung Galaxy Pro will last u a good 1 day and Optimus wont

End Notes:

  • 3G and WIFI were great, YouTube was possible in native browser. And it is possible to open 40mb 300pgs PDF and read in think free doc viewer.
  • Angry birds rio and season r working fine with multitasking with other apps.
  • Battery lasts just 12hrs maximum after all tweaks.

Bigger problem with the phone will be the display and the compatibility issue with some applications available in market. Some apps don't recognize the phone as default landscape mode, so it goes as portrait and you have to tilt your screen. Display is not that good, you can see that the letters and fonts are a bit blurred.

Overall, I am very happy to have this wonderful phone. It has got fair battery life, nice browsing experience, a very good email client,nice qwerty keypads. And I would give this phone 8/10.


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